Sterlings, Dakotas and the Berlin Airlift

The Squadron embarked for the UK at the end of December and arrived at Stoney Cross at the beginning of January 1945 and began operation under Transport Command.† Equipped with Stirlings, the Squadron operated the service to the Far East between Stoney Cross and Arkonam via Poona and between Stoney Cross, and Dum Dum via Palam.† With the end of the war in the Far East, the Squadron's flights were first confined to India and the Middle East and then, with Dakotas having replaced the Stirlings at the beginning of 1946, passengers and freight were carried mostly to Rome, Berlin, Warsaw and Vienna.


The Squadron moved to Manston in October 1946 and to Abingdon in December.† From July 1948, the Squadron was almost exclusively engaged on the Berlin Airlift; to begin with, it operated from Wunstork carrying food and later from Fassberg and Lubekc carrying coal.† The Squadron returned to Oakington in August 1949 and resumed its normal transport role.† It disbanded on 20 February 1950.

Text Box: No 46 Squadron RFC and RAF
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