The Norwegian Campaign

On the 9th of April 1940 German forces started the invasion of Norway. On the 1st of May the Germans had captured the southern part of Norway. Up north the situation was different. The Germans lost the battle of Narvik fighting against British, Polish, French and Norwegian Forces. There then followed one of the most notable periods of N0 46 Squadron’s history.

Already in April, the Air Ministry in London ordered RAF to establish a force, "Force V, to give air-support to the Norwegian campaign. Squadron Leader Kenneth "Bing" Cross, commander of No.46 (Fighter) Squadron, was told that the Air Ministry intended to send his squadron of Hawker Hurricane Mk1 fighters to Andalsnes. However, with the Allied evacuation of central Norway, the plan was abandoned a few days later.

Then, on 9th May, orders were received to embark the Squadron in the carrier HMS Glorious. During the next two days their Hurricanes were hoisted aboard the carrier. On the 12th, Glorious sailed only to be recalled. No airfields in northern Norway were ready to receive the fighters yet. No 46 Squadron's ground crews and advance party embarked in the troop carrier Batory in Glasgow on 13th May, and on the following day Glorious sailed again. HMS Furious. carrying No 263 (F) Squadron and its Gloster Gladiators, also set course for Norway. On the 21st, the carriers entered their fly-off position outside Lofoten. Furious then flew off her Gladiators, which landed at Bardufoss. but Skånland was still not ready for the Hurricanes. The carriers withdrew from Norway, and Glorious arrived Scapa Flow on the 23rd, refueled on the 24th and sailed again the same afternoon. On the 26th, the landing strip at Skånland was finally reported ready.


Hurricane Mk 1 of 46 Sqn in Norway

HMS Glorious

Sqn Ldr Bing Cross
OC 46 squadron

Flt Lt Jamie Jameson
Flight Commander 46 Squadron

No 46  Squadron just before deployment to Norway. April 1940

Enemy Aircraft Shot Down by 46 Sqn in Norway

BF 110

Ju 87D   Stuka

Do 26

Flying Boat


He 111

Grave of
Pilot Officer
Neville Lavis
 at Narvik
Date of Death: 29/05/1940
Service No: 40979
Grave/Memorial Reference: XI. L. 4.

Grave of Flying Officer
Jack Wykeham Lydall
 at Narvik.
Date of Death: 29/05/1940
Service No: 39669
Son of Dr. Wykeham Tracy Lydall, M.D., and Gertrude Lydall (nee Watkin).
Grave/Memorial Reference: XI. K. 9.

His Hurricane was salvaged in 1997 but all that was left was the tailplane, engine and a large part of the centre section.

Loading Hurricanes - the Clyde May 1940

Flying Officer P.J.“Jack” Frost in Hurricane L1815 in wooden shelter at Bardufoss, following dogfight with a Ju 87 Stuka over Harstad, photographed after landing at 1540 hrs on Sunday 2. June 1940. Windscreen smashed by German bullet. With him is Drummond, camera in hand, .

Pilot Officer Drummond, probably taken at RAF Digby

Narvik is a major port on the north west coast of Norway. Approaching from the south on the main E6 route follow this road through the town and over the railway bridge just past the tourist information centre on Rongensgate. The road bends sharply to the right then curves gently left. The cemetery is on the right side approximately 1 km past the bridge and the entrance is reached via a slip road off the main road rising to a parking area outside the gates. From the entrance to the cemetery follow the main path for 70 metres to the second intersection and turn right. The Second World War plot is 30 metres straight ahead.

Fg Off Mee with Flt Lt Jamie Jameson

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