Text Box: No 46 Squadron RFC and RAF
We Rise to Conquer


Menu of the first Reunion† held to celebrate the wedding of
Major Babington,
†the Squadron CO† for 18 months during the First World War
11 February 1918

Menu for the 92nd Reunion
held as tradition on the first Saturday in June

The Squadron is unique in the Royal Air Force because it is the only one to have held consecutive reunions through years of varying fortunes since the first in 1917.

Reunions are held annually on the first Saturday in June under the banner of the No 46 squadron RFC & RAF Association. The Reunion Dinner is held on the Saturday night, normally in an Officers' Mess, with a separate function for the Ladies. The preferred dress is Mess Kit or Dinner Jacket although a dark lounge suit is perfectly acceptable.

The cost of running the Association is met from a small additional charge on the cost of the dinner complemented by donations. A separate fund exists to assist members who are in financial difficulty to attend the reunion.

Membership of the Association is open to all who have served on the posted strength of No 46 Squadron; in addition, people who have a close association with the Squadron may also be invited to join. If you would like to join the Association please email the Secretary , Group Captain Dougie Barr, at dougiebarr (@) gmail.com. After each Reunion, a newsletter is produced called ďCheeerioooĒ; click here to see a copy of the latest issue,