Text Box: No 46 Squadron RFC and RAF
We Rise to Conquer

Squadron Aircraft Paintings

The Squadron is blessed to have an outstanding aviation artist in its Association. Michael  “Rusty” Steele-Morgan flew as a navigator on Javelins in the  late ‘50. Rusty  is an Associate Member of the Guild of Aviation Artists; a selection of his paintings of No 46 Squadron aircraft is shown below. Rusty’s work includes many other aviation areas; if you would like copies of any of Rusty’s pictures, please contact the Secretary of the Association

Sopwith Camel of No 46 Squadron over the Western Front during the First World War

Gauntlets of No 46 Squadron.
Note the Squadron markings used for the first time

Hurricanes of No 46 Squadron
landing on HMS Glorious off Norway  8th of June 1940.

Beaufighter of N0 46 Squadron

Over North Africa during the Second World War.