No 46 Squadron’s “Few”


'The Few' were 2353 young men from Great Britain and 574 from overseas, pilots and other aircrew, who are officially recognised as having taken part in the Battle of Britain. Each of the 27 listed below flew at least one authorised operational sortie with No 46 Squadron during the period 10 July to 31 October 1940. 9 lost their lives during the period of the Battle, and these are marked by an asterisk. A further 18 were killed in action or died in the course of their duties before the War’s end, which is also noted.

Adair Sergeant J J                                                 British                                                                         

Austin Flying Officer F                                         British                                       Killed

Ambrose Pilot Officer C F                                  British      

Andrew Sergeant S                                               British                                       Killed*

Austin Flying Officer F                                         British                                       Killed

Bailey Pilot Officer J C L D                                 British                                       Killed*

Barber Pilot Officer R H                                      British      

Bloor Sergeant E                                                   British                                       Killed

Cooper-Key Pilot Officer A M                           British                                       Killed*

Crossman Pilot Officer J D                                Australian                                Killed*

Earp Sergeant R L                                                 British      

Edgworthy Sergeant G H                                    British                                       Killed*

Gaunce  Acting  Squadron Leader L N            Canadian                                 Killed*

Gooderham Sergeant A T                                  British                                      

Gunning Pilot Officer P S                                    British                                       Killed*

Hamale Sergeant R E de J'a                               Belgian                                      Killed

Johnson Pilot Officer A E                                   British                                       Killed

Le Fevre Pilot Officer P W                                 British                                       Killed

MacLachlan Squadron Leader J R                 Canadian                                                 

McGowan Flying Officer R A                             British                                      

McGregor Pilot Officer P R                               British                                      

Morgan-Gray Pilot Officer H                           British                                       Killed

Mrazek Pilot Officer K                                         Czechoslovakian     

Peacock Sergeant W A                                         British                                       Killed*

Plummer Flying Officer R P                              British                                       Killed*

Rabagliati Flight Lieutenant A C                      British                                       Killed

Reid Pilot Officer R                                               British                                       Killed

Tyrer Sergeant E                                                    British      

Williams Flight Sergeant E E British Killed*


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